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Please take a look at my Gallery. You may click on any picture to open a window full of designs of a particular style. If you would like to look at my work in all styles Click Here

Looking for Bridal mehndi/ henna



It's Baby shower time!Looking for something different to share with you friends and family?

Ladies parties lots of ladies and little time? 

Want to take a tattoo for a test drive before comitting? 

Moroccan themed event coming? Have us out to adorn your guests 

Small henna and glitter designs great for birthday parties, corporate events or any type of event with lots of people.

 Shhh its a secret. Would you like to adorn yourself with henna to share with that special someone? Here at Harmony Henna we also do intimate / boudaur henna. Great for Valentines day, anniversary, honeymoon surprise, or just to add a little spice.

We love our customers and their beautiful pictures
Would you like to be famous? Please send you pictures to us and we will post them here to share.

Client henna color shots             The fun our clients have